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Mission, Justice and Healing Wounds as a Follower of Jesus - Let the beauty we love be what we do [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
All Sojourner's Tranquil Respite

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Mission, Justice and Healing Wounds as a Follower of Jesus [Apr. 17th, 2008|02:00 pm]
All Sojourner's Tranquil Respite


Just wanted to cross-post this here from my theology-ish blog.  Its part of a "synch-blog" circle of posts by people interested in Emerging/Postmodern/Christian-Pagan dialog.  This month's theme is Justice and Mission.  I think most respondants are Christian, but are a group Pastor Phil has gathered over the years from around the world, really interesting bunch.  The post just after it is a link to everyone else's.  

For reference, "Christendom" refers to the idea of the "Christian world," basically what Europe and, to some degree America considered themselves for most of recent history, what happened after the union of Church and State with Constantine, and which is only breaking apart with the rise of secularism, the Enlightenment critique, and the realization that there are more Christians outside the global West/North than in it now!  

I share the feeling of many that the union of the message and community of Jesus with state power was a terrible idea, and at least in some part responsible for all the terrible things done in Jesus' name.  My post reflects on this, and what "mission" means in a world that seems more in need of healing than being told it needs to convert.  Wrestling with what this means is a big concern of mine right now. 

Justice and Mission and the Wounds of Christendom