Let the beauty we love be what we do

When the soul is open, the spirit is free to soar.

All Sojourner's Tranquil Respite
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Come, all who are weary, and find rest.
Come, all who thirst, and draw water from wells that run deep.
Open the door, and enter eternity.

In this busy, complex world, every spirit sometimes needs a place to stop along the road for rejuvenation and fellowship This is one such place. We are an interfaith spiritual community welcoming any with questions, insights or a simple desire to find support and spiritual fellowship with others. We are inclusive and open, knowing that truth lies in each of us and great beauty is found in the sharing. All are welcome here, let this be a place of safety and nourishment for all who would enter.

In our community we welcome all discourses and insights on spirituality, spiritual philosophy, and theology, as well as any prayers requests or calls for unity and cooperation. We only ask in return you be of utmost respect to your fellow traveler's along the path. Remember they like you are just searching for the immutable spirit that moves us all. As such please do not in any way attack, defame, or otherwise move against anyone else's ideas or comments. That really is the only rule here. Disagreement is welcome but please keep it to a collection of ideas and counterideas and let's never stomp on each other. Remember the Golden Rule is Divine

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Let the beauty we love be what we do.
There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.
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In the ancient tradition of Pilgrimmage this community will also serve to sponsor spiritually related travels to various houses of faith periodically and as opportunities arise. All such information will be posted here and of course we encourage anyone and everyone who might be interested to join us. As part of our journeys we hope to explore as many faiths and centers of worship as possible including but not limited to the faiths listed on our info page. If you have a suggestion or idea for a spiritual quest related to this purpose please do share with us. Thank you and go in Peace.